INYANG OTU FOUNDATION is birthed for the purpose of human well being.

And with her current involvement in community development, she suffices the on-going starvation across different communities and densely populated area in Lagos State,Nigeria.


Food Drives


Kids We Feed Daily


Skills We Teach


INYANG OTU FOUNDATION Education program is segmented into three based on age thus


This is stage one of our education program and focuses on:

Rapidly accelerating language development, self-awareness, less dependence on sensorimotor actions, and increased ability to internalize events and think by using symbols such as words to represent things. Best foundation through Early Childhood Education.

6-11 YEARS

This stage focused on concrete operations which is lacking amongst people in poor neighborhood.

Concrete operation is the “hands-on” period of cognitive development because the ability to reason is based on tangible objects and real experiences. This stage also sees to the development of the children’s numeracy and literacy skills..

12-20 YEARS

This is the hallmark stage of our education program where every enrollee must finish up with a unique, practical / vocational skill acquired.

Vocational areas


Interior design Sculpturing
Hair dressing Tailoring
Carpentry Barbing
Baking Bead making
Sewing Graphics design

Impact & outcome

At the end of every encounter with INYANG OTU FOUNDATION, our communities, children and people will record these milestones.

Specialised skill set Independence
Physical & mental health Certification
Interpersonal skills Impulse control
Experiential background
Internship (where we have partners)



We are commited to providing selfless service, this is a way for us to give back to our community.

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